Weekly sessions are proven to be the best method of achieving better results. Our tutors work with pupils to prepare them for a wide range of programs through weekly sessions at the client's home or at a venue of their choice. They use a combination of materials, such as school textbooks as well as individually tailored lesson plans prepared in advance. 


  • 7+

  • 11+ 

  • GCSE

  • AS and A Levels

  • Brevet du collège

  • Baccalauréat Français - séries L, ES, S

  • Languages - including French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, German

  • Undergraduate - specific module help as well as dissertation proofreading 

Most of our tutors are also available for lessons through Skype, especially for pupils studying at boarding school and unable to return home during the week or weekends. 


Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays are the perfect opportunities to do some extra work as well as address particular issues, which otherwise might have been overlooked during school hours. Tutoracle helps pupils maximise their time by ensuring productive lessons during holiday sessions to prepare them for the next term. 


Exam periods are the best times to consolidate what pupils have learnt during the year. Our tutors will prepare tailored programmes with key objectives which target the pupils' problem areas, as well as reinforcing pupils' strengths. 


Tutoracle helps to bridge the gap between school and higher education by offering counselling to pupils in their final year of school. We understand the difficulty in choosing the right course and university as there are many options available. Tutoracle helps you select the one best suited to you, edit personal statements and complete UCAS applications.